Looking Backwards

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 in Leo Apotheker's HP Days

Leo Apotheker HP 2011

Anatomy of failure or anatomy of hate?
The world has once again expressed that, because Leo Apotheker is out of the ordinary, it is easier to hate him than to make an effort to understand him.
The universe hates Leo Apotheker, yet it is not Leo who has failed…

It is easy to recognize a genius: mediocre people will form coalition against him. -J. Swift

Mediocrity is what destroys our society and what condemns the future.

The media has been running the world, accusing Leo of killing HP…

Mindless America,
Your technology icon HP, covered in a thick layer of dust, was already dying of lack of oxygen – not from the consequences of Mark Hurd’s romance – when someone had the clever idea of asking Leo to resuscitate the company.
However, it is impossible to save a patient without their consent. Some disorders call for unconventional treatment and require time to be stabilized and healed.
This could never have been a one man show. Too many are those who did not trust Leo, who did not leave him enough time, who did not give him the necessary support; and then they go and blame him, and him alone.

All haters are losers, even when they win. -Paulo Coelho

Think about that.

The events of Fall 2011 have gone well beyond the borders of the HP world. The whole American dream is dying, and it is taking the future with it.

The chances that geniuses, with their out-of-the-box minds, have the right spread their wings and leave a positive mark for future generations, are inversely proportional to the degree of destruction of our world and of its values.
And that is not good at all.

Leo Apotheker is not Steve Jobs…

That is evident.
The same genius, but not the same scars. The latter makes all the difference.

Leo Apotheker is not perfect. People forget too easily that no one is perfect.
As the year 2011 draws to a close, I would have liked my gift to you to be… a mirror.
There are many who could really use a good, lengthy conversation with themselves.
Especially the Muppets who surround Leo. Congrats, guys (and ladies!), you have been awesome.
From what I can see, you are proud of yourselves. The observers are not the only ones who have missed the point.

Last fall was a season of open doors; and not only at Hewlett-Packard corporate headquarters.
First, I kindly indicated the exit to those who could not help but take me for Leo’s mistress. Later, I invited his fake friends, fake collaborators, and my fake audience to leave; and then I closed my door to Leo’s fake family. After some consideration, I decided to leave the back door open for the father-daughter relationship.

Who remains? The best, and the humane.
It is in those conditions that the book will come to be.
Coming in January 2012, Looking Forward will say more about the direction of the book.
The preparation phase is now complete.

Happy New Year to all! Thank you for your support!

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