Professor Hasso Plattner

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 in Highlights, SAP Criminal Minds

Hasso Plattner SAP


HArassment No Apologies… ??

You said “I enjoy that he [Larry Ellison] is not smiling.
What about “I enjoy that she is dying” ??
Amanda Todd is already dead…

SAP Criminal Minds…
Stop Blaming Leo Apotheker!
He left in 2010.

See you Behind the Scenes, on Leo Apotheker | My Life Channel.
Part One – The Prologue – is already here.
Part 3 – SAP Criminal Minds – coming soon.
The translation? By Jim Hagemann Snabe.

Businesses will have to change

I agree. Your Business Model doesn’t work anymore. The corruption should stop.
Who destroyed the economy?? Not… Leo Apotheker.
“… a brilliant future” ?  Certainly. Without you.

“Tom” said “Hasso Platner (that is a brilliant mind)” (excerpt from Extreme).
I have to disagree.  You are just a ghost.  A ghost with no courage.